Trading Fees on NoleX:

Once you've deposited your funds on the NoleX exchange you can start your trading journey . To give more service to our community we added a feature that you can reduce your trading fee costs!

Paying fees with NOLE gives you a 50 % fee discount!

The Basic Fees for trades on NoleX is 0,20 % for buyers and sellers. If you hold $NOLE token in your N-Wallet (your individual wallet in exchange), NoleX Reduces your trading fees by 0,10 %. You can turn this feature on/off whenever you want in your Dashboard. (0.2% With TRX ; 0.1% with holding NOLE) No burn on TRX fee collected.

NoleLegends game assets:

When you are buying Game assets there won’t be a Fee! We are not charging any fees over trading our legends on the NoleX exchange.

Deposit fees-none:

NoleX doesn't charge any fees to deposit assets on our exchange. For us it’s important that our users can enjoy the exchange without having to pay for it while depositing.


To support our community we are reducing all of our trading fees from 0.2% to 0.1%