Trading Fees on NoleX:

Once you've deposited your funds on the NoleX exchange you can start your trading journey . To give more service to our community we added a feature that you can reduce your trading fee costs!

Paying fees with NOLE gives you a 50 % fee discount!

The Basic Fees for trades on NoleX is 0,20 % for buyers and sellers. If you hold $NOLE token in your N-Wallet (your individual wallet in exchange), NoleX Reduces your trading fees by 0,10 %. You can turn this feature on/off whenever you want in your Dashboard. (0.2% With TRX ; 0.1% with holding NOLE) No burn on TRX fee collected.

NoleLegends game assets:

When you are buying Game assets there won’t be a Fee! We are not charging any fees over trading our legends on the NoleX exchange.

Deposit fees-none:

NoleX doesn't charge any fees to deposit assets on our exchange. For us it’s important that our users can enjoy the exchange without having to pay for it while depositing.